Workplace Lotto Agreement

3. Tickets that are the subject of this Contract consist of entries [numbers] in the draw for the [name of the lottery] to be held on [drawing day]. 8. We recognize that the payment of lottery winnings is made in accordance with state rules and lottery rules based on [State of origin of lottery pool members]. If the lottery tickets that are the subject of this agreement give rise to one or more prizes for which the provisions of the lottery authorize a direct payment, a direct payment should be requested. Where such rules allow the payment of the prize to a single individual, the designated agent must claim and maintain the price for the benefit of all the co-owners. There may be local and government laws that affect your lottery pool agreement. Your state, business or region may prohibit lottery pools. If you`re not sure you can start a pool, contact your company`s legal or human resources department. Your lottery pool contract must indicate which drawings or drawings are covered. It should include both the lottery games that your pool will play and the specific designs in which you will participate. This is the whole agreement of the parties and there are no agreements that are not explicitly or implicitly stated. This agreement can only be amended in writing by all parties.

In your lottery pool agreement should not only indicate what to do with small prizes, but also what the cut-off is for a small price. Is that $5? $20? $100? A million dollars? This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. This agreement is a greater care. It`s pretty hard to lose with the lottery. But to win the lottery and then lose your friends on haggling over who would get what would be downright ridiculous. This agreement helps to protect against this possibility for two reasons: first, you have the agreement in writing; and second, everyone has a chance to decide if they mean “really” before they sign. 5. No party (co-owner) of this agreement is prohibited from purchasing a lottery ticket or any other prize application; 7. We agree to designate [the name of the lottery pool manager] who is a party to this agreement as the designated representative of all parties (co-owners) of this agreement, and he is entitled to act on our behalf.

This contract is not automatically renewed and expires at the end of the specified month. 4. The following people participate in this agreement, who contributed to the total [number] dollar ([$X.XX]) to the purchase of [Number] (X) entries in the contest draw: Lottery pools are an effective way to increase your chances of winning on the lottery without spending any extra money. They can also raise morale in the workplace, bring neighbours closer together and tell members of an organization.

Where To Find Spla Agreement Number

Microsoft Corp`s contract must be approved within two weeks. Microsoft and LOL Cloud will send a welcome email containing details of your new SPLA agreement. The signed and approved physical contract is also sent directly by Microsoft. LOL Cloud sends the signed sub-contract. “Customers who want to work with partners to host Windows 7 on their behalf in a VDI solution can do so if the customer provides partner licenses through customer agreements with Microsoft. Hosting equipment must be for the benefit of the customer and should not be shared by or with other customers of that partner”Each processor/basic license allows an unlimited number of users to access the product installed on that processor. SPLA`s purchasing opportunities in the UK are much more limited than other forms of Microsoft licensing, with only 5 resellers in the country. Indeed, most countries in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) have only 3 resellers to choose from. You`ll find resellers in your area here: The SPLA program allows you to license Microsoft software products for software services. Software services are services that you provide to your customers and that display, execute, access or interact with Microsoft products. They offer these services from one or more data centers via the Internet, a telephone network or a private network on a rental, subscription or service basis.

To have a hosted Windows 7 VDI solution, the customer must use their own volume licensing agreement (z.B. Open, Select, Enterprise Agreement) to acquire the Windows VDA licenses needed for the solution. SPLA also offers service providers a 60-day trial period for each new offering, which means they can provide and test solutions for new customers without Microsoft`s license fee. Because not all solutions work for all customers, this is an invaluable benefit that allows hosts to offer their services for the maximum number of potential customers, while limiting losses in the event of failed projects. “Microsoft partners who host under the Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) can use Windows Server and remote shutdown services to provide certain desktop features as a service. Under this solution, the partner is free to offer this service to any customer it chooses, whether or not it has a direct licensing agreement with Microsoft. However, it is important to note that SPLA does not support the provision of Windows 7 as a hosted customer or offers the ability to access Office as a service via Windows 7. Office can only be provided as a service if it is hosted on Windows Server and remote stop services” The SPLA offers fixed residence licenses or subscription licenses that can be used for the duration of the agreement. Two models are available to provide licensed Microsoft products to your customers: the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) is designed for organizations that want to offer hosted software services to their customers, such as web services, database services and applications. These include services “that you make available to your customers, that provide Microsoft products and that display, export, access or interact with them via servers that are “connected to the Internet or to a private network.” With a usage-based monthly licensing structure, you only pay for what you allowed your customers the previous month. This gives you the ability to reduce the number of licenses (true-down) each month.

Licenses are declared in accordance with the rights of Microsoft Services Provider (SPUR) users. After a long silence, the furious blog posts of Guise Bule (of OnLive`s rival TuCloud) threatened to launch a similar service and VDI supremo Brian Madden announced his “Most Valuable Professional” program, Microsoft announced that OnLive had modified its offer to provide the service via Windows Server – Remote Desktop Services.

What Is Low Agreement Mean

However, the agreements are still in place because they have mutual benefits. Juries are notoriously unpredictable. When filing from the courtroom to cooperate, neither party can predict the verdict or accurately estimate the amounts of the bonuses determined by the jury. By entering into a high-level agreement, the two parties essentially insure each other against their most pessimistic scenario: no payment for the complainant and personal liability for distinctions that go beyond compliance with the doctor`s insurance coverage. Parties and lawyers should consider high-level agreements when balancing their options in their cases; There are many situations in which these agreements may be desirable. Moreover, it is encouraging for those who recognize the different benefits of jury trials to see that there is evidence that low-cost agreements actually favour jury trials. As we try to avoid the extinction of the jury, the promotion of the use of high-level agreements may well be a step in the right direction. The court knew that the complainant and Niagara had a high-low agreement (but not the terms of the agreement), but Garlock and the jury knew nothing of the agreement. The jury ultimately awarded $3,750,000 in damages to the plaintiffs and found Garlock 60% liable and Niagara 40% liable. When Garlock became aware of the jury`s approval a few days after the verdict, she decided to quash the verdict and aspire to a new trial.

The Supreme Court dismissed Garlock`s motions and issued a judgment on the verdict, as confirmed by the Appeal Division. From the beginning of a trial until a few minutes before the jury`s verdict, very low agreements can be reached at any time. Their existence is generally not disclosed to juries or judges, and often is not a matter of public registration. Keeping the agreement secret until sentencing is not subversive. On the contrary, it preserves the purity of the process and the integrity of the agreement. While high-level agreements are a 11th-hour solution for disproportionate results, they may not be the last chance to resolve a case within or near the defendant`s insurance limits. A transaction at the 13th hour or after the verdict, which reduces the jury`s sentence while ensuring a quick payment to the applicant, is a final alternative to other litigation.

What Is A Consent Decree Agreement

The U.S. Supreme Court, in Local No.93, Int`l Ass`n of Firefighters v. City of Cleveland, 478 U.S. 501, 106 P.C. 3063, 92 L.Ed.2d 405 (1986), has decided that approval orders “have characteristics of both contracts and judicial decrees.” The separation between treaties and judicial decrees suggests that approval decrees are contracts that resolve certain issues by the agreement of the parties. However, on some issues, the decree contains judicial acts that are taken by the judge and not by the parties. Commentators have found that these two attributes require a court to determine when it is appropriate to “stamp” a proposed transaction and whether it is more appropriate for the court to treat the proposal as any court injunction. The process of introducing an approval decree begins with negotiations. [5] One in three things happens: an appeal is filed and the parties involved reach an agreement before deciding on the contentious issues; an appeal is brought and is actively contested and the parties reach an agreement after the Tribunal has ruled on a number of issues; or the parties submit their dispute before an appeal is filed, and they simultaneously file an appeal and request that the Tribunal accept the judgment.

[5] [10] [11] The court must make this agreement a decree-decree-law. [11] [12] [13] [14] In many cases, the request for an order of approval prompts judges to sign the documents submitted at this time and there. [5] [13] However, in some cases, such as criminal proceedings. B, the judge must make some sort of assessment before entering the court as a decree of approval. [5] An approval decree and an approval agreement are not the same. In both cases, there is a first agreement between the parties, but the approval decree is submitted to a judge whose decision is final and binding. On the other hand, an approval agreement must not be brought to justice. Injury to ERISA.

A violation of the ErISA (Employee Income Retirement Security) legislation may be imposed on a company that receives a pension for its employees. The Minister of Labour has filed a complaint against the directors of the ESOP (share ownership plan) of a company for violation of the law. The approval decree prohibited the accused from acting as agents and they paid a civil fine. Whenever the DOJ has reasonable grounds to believe that such offences have occurred, they may receive a court order to eliminate the model or practice. On this basis, the DOJ has issued approval orders with other law enforcement agencies in the United States, including the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Police Department; Steubenville, Ohio Police Department; And the New Jersey Police Department. Some types of remedies require a court to pass a consent order. In CLASS ACTION-Vergleichen schreibt Artikel 23 der Bundesverfahrensordnung vor, dass ein Bundesbezirksgericht vor der Genehmigung zu entscheiden, ob ein Vergleichsvorschlag fair, angemessen und angemessen ist.

Water Corporation Service By Agreement

Once your application has been processed, we will send you an invoice with the corresponding fee via email. We require payment before an order can be generated for the water service. We use these agreements to manage connections with our pressurized sewer system, where landowners privately own the pressure sewer facilities. Many of these connections have been installed as part of our priority sewerage program. Your agreement will cover: The maintenance conditions of the water supply may include one or more of the following conditions: We use these agreements to manage waste water discharges contaminated by the activities of commercial or industrial waste customers. Your agreement may apply: here you will find information on non-standard services and the types of services that require a signed agreement. We use these agreements to manage connections with our vacuum water systems. Your agreement may apply: we use these agreements when customers want to take, treat and reuse water from our rainwater pipes and canals. Your agreement may cover: Find out what levels of service we can offer your business. Customers who are looking for a service that does not meet the levels of service required by our Water Services license must sign an agreement with water Corporation.

We don`t need an agreement with you if there is a tank between our hose and your head. We have an agreement with you if you have current login terms. You have a connection agreement if you have these types of connection or service. We use these agreements when we have given permission to use a stop hose on our fire hydrants. You may need a dosed stop hose for short-term access to water for construction or water mapping activities. Your agreement may apply: we use these agreements to manage connections with our water line, which involve very long pipes with private pipes. You may need this type of connection if your property is not in front of one of our water pipes. Your agreement may apply: We use these agreements to manage water connections in areas where: You can use our meter box information if your non-standard service requires additional protection. We use these agreements to manage customers who need to inject wastewater into our gravity water system and install pressure drainage systems on their land. You may need to pump our sewers if your land is below our gravity sewer lines.

Your agreement is valid: your agreement tells you what you need to do to use and maintain your connection. If you return wastewater or sludge back to our system after treatment in your canal extraction, you must have an industrial trade agreement with us. We use these agreements to manage water meters that are not located on a standard site or that we cannot access. Your agreement may apply: we use these agreements to manage customers who want to pump water directly from our water system. You may need to do this to increase water pressure or pump water into multi-storey buildings. The agreements ensure that the pumps, if they work, do not damage our pipes or affect the service we provide to other customers. Your agreement may cover the following areas: Most of the services with which you link are covered by our customer contract. It describes the level of service we provide and explains your rights and obligations. We have a separate agreement with you though: You can request a non-standard service via BuilderNet by selecting the Lodge a Water Service app.

Vehicle Sale Agreement Bangalore

This RTO application is used to prevent the RTO as the vehicle was sold by the owner. You need two copies of this form. According to Form 29, all vehicle documents, such as RC, Insurance, PUC, were provided to the purchaser. You can download Form 29 here or pick it up at the RTO office. The RC and insurance must be given to the buyer of your car. This form must be sent to the RTO with the applicable fee, which varies according to the RTO. To be a valid contract, both the seller and the buyer must correctly sign this agreement with the witnesses and execute it on a valid stamp document, as applicable in the state of execution of the agreement. 1- That I sold my vehicle, that is, with its registration number. The parties may include the No_____and compromise clause in this agreement. As part of the arbitration process, any dispute, if any arises between the parties, is referred to a third party (“arbitrator”) who is designated with each other by both parties. The arbitrator will hear from both parties and decide on the merits of the case. The arbitrator`s decision is final and binding on both parties.

Read also – What is the procedure for changing the owner of the 4-vehicle that the purchaser in question be transferred on his behalf as quickly as possible and must bear all the costs that result “Once you have applied for a certificate of re-service, it may take you up to 15 days to obtain a vehicle if your vehicle is not held responsible. It`s a bit like a no-objection certificate that works in the same condition if your vehicle has to register in another RTO in that state. Thousands of vehicles are registered every day in India. A lot of the figures come from the metropolises. New Delhi is added about 1,400 new cars a day. The direct result of so many new vehicles sold is that the used car market is also growing. Many new car buyers already own vehicles. They exchange their old vehicles either in vehicle showrooms or sell their old vehicles individually. Popular classifieds and websites help them find the right buyer for their vehicles. Form 30 is used as a confirmation of Form 29. After evaluating the RTO about the sale, it is your responsibility to make the RTO intimate that the transfer of ownership of the vehicle must be made.

Form 30 states that all legal ties and responsibilities you had with your car are now transferred to the buyer of your car, including the consent of the financier (if any). As a general rule, this should be done in 14 days from the date of sale of the car. You need 2 copies of this form and it can be retrieved at the RTO office or you can download Form 30 here and send it to the RTO office for a fee. Perhaps the seller`s most important concern would be that the vehicle`s securities be transferred to the buyer as soon as possible.

United Way Partnership Agreement

United Ways has been partnering with the National Football League and its teams for nearly 50 years and is the longest-running sporting and charitable collaboration in history. Through programs like Character Playbook, we help kids develop healthier minds and bodies. The long-standing AFL-CIO-United Way partnership brings together the care of more than 12.5 million working families and their local communities to make it a common vision in which everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Lilly and United Way have a strategic partnership to promote the impact of the community that is building its nearly 100-year history of improving life around the world. INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Yesterday, the leaders of Eli Lilly and Company, United Way Worldwide and United Way of Central Indiana signed a strategic partnership agreement that aims to promote positive and measurable social change in the areas of education, income, health and basic needs in communities. The agreement underscores Lilly`s commitment to being an increasingly strategic partner of United Way, focusing not only on the dollars raised, but also on the measurable effects of the Community in Central India, as well as throughout the nation and around the world. In 2019, we announced a new level of partnership between United Way and the key citizens of our region. Starting in February with Eversource and Blue Cross Blue Shield, these partnership agreements will be designed to leverage not only United Way`s strengths, but also the strengths of our business partners, to make a greater impact. In May, we announced Mintz, the longtime United Way champion, as the third company to register as a strategic cooperation partner and at the same time as a supporter of the United Way Venture Fund. The comprehensive agreement includes the following commitments: Comcast NBCUniversal and United Way are working with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to promote youth health and well-being, with a new partnership with the media and support for after-age programs. That`s why the AFL-CIO strongly supports and supports the Campaign united Way Workplace Campaigns and encourages you to consider a 2018 campaign for your Union.

Establishing and increasing community partnerships are essential for empowering working families and improving our communities. Together, we can now help those in real need, while working to rebuild our economy for all. This year, we were very excited to be part of a new type of partnership involving national organizations that help at the local level. This fall, we participated in the Pepsi Cause for Celebration series – for every touchdown from Kickoff until Thanksgiving, Pepsi gave 100 meals to the local United Way of this team. Fortunately for us, the New England Patriots continue to make us proud, scoring 35 touchdowns and 3,500 meals for local families. More recently, Starbucks and United Way have teamed up to find themselves homeless. As part of the #GiveTogether campaign in December, the Starbucks Foundation distributed all gifts to United Way for up to $200,000. Learn more about this program here. CenturyLink, in partnership with United Way, is committed to improving the well-being and quality of life of people in the communities in which they live and work. This is the year that our partnership with Salesforce to reinvent corporate philanthropy really took off. Businesses across the region are committed to enabling their employees to participate in business strategies, advocate for their own concerns and understand the impact of their donations on the community.

Tsra Enterprise Agreement

The following information will be used as guidance for those applying for licences to export agricultural raw materials, medicines and medical devices to Iran and Sudan, in accordance with the Trade Sanctions and Export Enhancement Act 2000 (TSRA). Question 1: How do I apply for a TSRA licence? Klicken Sie hier für die Antwort Code of Federal Regulations:31 CFR Part 538 – Sudanese Sanctions Regulations31 CFR Part 560 – Iranian Transactions Regulations Statute: Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA), PL 106-387 Executive Orders and Additional Legal Information:Legal Information for the Iran Sanctions Program Legal Information for the Sudan Sanctions Program Federal Register Notices:74 FR 61030-09 – Änderungen des Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act von 2000 (“TSRA”)74 FR 46361-09 – Allgemeine Lizenz zur Genehmigung von TSRA-bezogenen Transaktionen unter Berücksichtigung der spezifizierten Gebiete sudanesischen Sudan72 FR 12980-07 – Klarstellung der Lizenzen für die Ausfuhr von Agrarrohstoffen, Arzneimitteln und Medizinprodukten66 FR 36683-01 – Ausfuhren von Agrarerzeugnissen, Arzneimittel, und Medizinprodukte nach Kuba, Sudan, Libyen und Iran Frage 5 : Ich besitze eine spezielle Lizenz pour vendre des biens agricoles , medicines or medical devices to Iran. The terms of the licence allow me to accept a letter of credit issued by a bank in Iran that has not been classified as Specially Designated National as part of any of the programs managed by OFAC. However, the license also states that a U.S. financial institution cannot advise, confirm or otherwise act in this credit. How do I know if/when a loan has been issued for my sale and how I am paid? My bank accounts are all in U.S. financial institutions. Click here to respond to TSRA reports: For two-year, quarterly reports on TSRA licensing activities, please visit the TSRA Congressional Reports page. Question 6: The U.S.

exporter has a specific one-year license issued by the U.S. Department of Finance, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), pursuant to the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA), to enter into contracts for the one-year export/re-export of medical devices and to ship these medical devices for the 12-month period from the date of contract signing (validity date). The medical device has a defective component or a broken component from the box during the term of the license. Can the U.S. exporter send a spare part under its current OFAC license as a transaction that is normally an incident and is necessary for the sale of the medical device as a whole? Click here for the context answer: The Trade Export Reform and Improvement Act dates back to 2000, Title IX of public law 106,387 (October 28, 2000) (the TSRA) provides that the President ends all unilateral agricultural sanctions or unilateral medical sanctions in force when the TSRA comes into force. TSRA has no intention of ending unilateral agricultural sanctions or unilateral medical sanctions that prohibit, limit or limit the supply or use of controlled agricultural products, drugs or medical devices on the U.S. ammunition list, or that are subject to conditions that are controlled on a checklist established by the Export Administration Act of 1979 or a subsequent law or that are used to facilitate the development or manufacture of chemical or biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction.

Tolling Agreement Uitleg

MSTS Tolls has long supported fleets with tolls and uses technology to create efficiency and eliminate friction. Becoming a SET provider is the next logical step towards making a leading toll solution available in the industry. Of course, the details of each intercompany manufacturing contract will be different in all cases and the key is to design a contractual relationship agreement that is consistent with how the group actually operates, with the fiduciary duties of the senior managers of each participating unit and with the group`s transfer pricing policies. Please log in to MyTolls to simply change the products. The system displays all products and vehicles associated with them. MSTS Tolls helps you determine which option is best for your fleet`s requirements and which is the most cost-effective for your business. MSTS Tolls offers special support to make change smoothly if a box change is required. In the area of tolls, a company provides raw materials (or half-products) to a third party, who then provides the rest of the services (manufacturing). Typically, the third-party company already owns certain equipment and organizational models and can provide the first company, for a fee – or tolls – with subclasses in the manufacturing process. Dit is volledig afhankelijk van uw wensen en behoeften. Sommige bedrijven willen het volledige proces uitbesteden, inclusief de inkoop van grondstoffe, verpakking, labels etc. Other pines ervoor deze zelf aan te leveren.

Een mauthersteller die klantgericht werkt zal haar werkwijze aanpassen aan uw business behoeften. The manufacturer also supplies the equipment, machinery and manpower needed to manufacture the product in question, but also supplies and supplies the necessary raw materials. This means that the manufacturer bears the associated risks, such as costs, inventory levels and quality control of the raw materials to be used – although the allocation of these risks can of course be contractually adjusted by price provisions, guarantees and compensations. The list of satellic service points is available here. Other additional points to be taken into account in the organisation of an intercompany production relationship may include: Yes, in some countries, VAT applicable to the payment of tolls is applicable. MSTS Tolls provides you with a separate VAT invoice per country for VAT recovery purposes. The industry is active to be a larger supplier in the CMO environment, but the number of attractive acquisitions is limited[8] The box usage fee will be announced when all additional features and services have been defined. Many industries use this process, particularly in aerospace, defence, computers, semiconductors, energy, medicine, food production, body care, packaging and automotive. Some types of custom manufacturing include CNC machining, complex assembly, aluminum pressurized molding, sanding, clearing, gearing and forging. The pharmaceutical industry uses this process using CMs called labour manufacturing organizations. In the semiconductor industry, this practice is called the foundry model.

Contract manufacturing is particularly prevalent in the electronics industry. A custom manufacturing organization (CMO), sometimes referred to as the Wage Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), is a company that serves other contract pharmaceutical companies to provide comprehensive services ranging from drug development to drug manufacturing. [1] This allows large pharmaceutical companies to outsource these aspects of the business, which may contribute to scalability or may allow the larger company to focus instead on drug discovery and drug marketing.

The Cotonou Agreement And Economic Partnership Agreements

The EU will work towards a comprehensively revised agreement, based on a common basis at THE ACP level, in conjunction with three bespoke regional partnerships for Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. The overall goal of EPAs is to contribute, through trade, to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in ACP countries. The EU supports programmes and initiatives for several countries in the ACP COUNTRY group. In addition, there are programs to support regional economic growth and regional development for some regions of ACP countries. The Cotonou agreement focuses in particular on the private sector as an instrument of sustainable economic development. A major new programme has been set up in Cotonou to support the private sector in ACP countries through new instruments such as access to finance through the European Investment Bank (EIB). The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly is an advisory body made up equally of representatives from the EU and ACP countries. The Assembly promotes democratic processes and facilitates a better understanding between the peoples of the EU and those of the ACP countries. Issues related to development and the ACP-EU partnership, including economic partnership agreements, will also be discussed. EPAs with sub-Saharan Africa and other EU free trade agreements with North African countries are building blocks of the Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the long-term prospect of a free trade agreement between continental countries. The EPAs already contain useful trade instruments for the construction of the AfCFTA. They provide a strong framework for regional trade and investment between THE EPA partners themselves and with the EU.

They also strengthen the commercial capacity of EU partners. The future agreement will cover priority areas such as: the EU is implementing seven economic partnership agreements with 32 partners, 14 of which are in Africa. The main objective of EPAs is the leverage of trade and investment for sustainable development. The content of the agenda will be expanded, with agreements covering new themes such as services and investment. The Cotonou agreement offers EU and ACP countries the opportunity to negotiate development-oriented free trade agreements, known as Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). EPAs are firmly rooted in the goals of sustainable development, human rights and development cooperation, which are at the heart of the Cotonou agreement. The creation of a reciprocal trade agreement puts the EU at the forefront of how to reconcile the ACP Group`s special status with the EU`s WTO commitments. The near-solution solution to this dilemma is an agreement that is reciprocal only in the way necessary to meet wto criteria. In reality, ACP countries will have some leeway and maintain limited protection of their key products.

The extent to which trade should be liberalised under the new EPAs remains a highly controversial issue and it remains to be seen whether the WTO provisions governing regional trade agreements will be revised at the end of the Doha Round in favour of the EPA system. The Cotonou agreement provides for a procedure that can be applied when one of the parties does not respect the essential elements of the partnership. These include respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law. The Economic Partnership Agreements are a system for creating a free trade area between the European Union and the Group of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP). This is a response to persistent criticism that the EU`s proposed non-reciprocal and discriminatory preferential trade agreements are incompatible with WTO rules. The EPAs date back to the signing of the Cotonou Agreement. EPAs with different regions are in different playing conditions. In 2016, the EPAs were to be signed with three regional economic communities in Africa (East African Community, Economic Community of West African States and Southern African Development Community), but these faced challenges. [1] [it needs to be updated]