Regus Office Lease Agreement

After signing the rental agreement, the tenant is required to pay the deposit (if any) and the first (1st) month`s rent. If this lease can be called a gross rental, check the box to be contributed next to the word “gross.” The tenant should insert the “Locationrinitialen” line and the owner the “Proprioinien” line. Choose this option only if the amount of rent shown in the fourth article is the only dollar amount the tenant must pay to remain in compliance with the terms of the contract. The agreement between these two parties may require that one or both be responsible for certain expenses deemed necessary for the rental of these premises. If the procedure has an effect, check the contributing box with the name “Modified Gross.” In addition, the tenant and landlord must initial the empty lines called Tenant`s Initials or Landlord`s Initials. Two other sections of this selection require information. List all the tenant`s additional expenses on the first sentence of empty lines (in the list “In addition to the basic rent… »). If the lessor has to pay expenses for maintaining this agreement, you must notify each of the empty lines in the second group. These costs can be borne by distribution companies (i.e. electricity), services (i.e. waste management) or insurance.

Please note that only expenses authorized by law are permitted. If it is a “Triple Net (NNN) leasing agreement, check the third quince box. Both the landlord and the tenant must make this choice on the corresponding empty dashes (“rents” and “owner`s starting points”) at first. We need the third item in this credit description (“3rd insurance”). Include how much in a single wound cover on the tenant`s site must fit with the first two empty lines. The following two empty spaces are reserved to record the one-time amount of coverage for the death of a person (s) in the premises, which the tenant must maintain to ensure compliance with the situation. Finally, enter the single limit coverage for property damage, which the tenant must keep using the last two empty lines of this article. The seventh section of this lease, entitled “security deposit,” will consolidate the amount that the tenant will have to give back as collateral. This amount is refunded to the tenant if the requirements of this article are met. Type the security amount into words, then type it digitally into the first and second empty lines of this paragraph. Some tenants may have to make certain changes to a dwelling (for example. B a character or logo).

In the eighth article “Leasehold Improvements,” the tenant is held financially responsible for changes to the premises, unless they appear on the empty line in this section. If there is not enough space to list all the changes/repairs that the tenant releases from the payment to cancel, you can add a clearly marked surcharge. Each tenancy agreement must ask itself what happens if the tenant does not pay the rent and is late.