Tsra Enterprise Agreement

The following information will be used as guidance for those applying for licences to export agricultural raw materials, medicines and medical devices to Iran and Sudan, in accordance with the Trade Sanctions and Export Enhancement Act 2000 (TSRA). Question 1: How do I apply for a TSRA licence? Klicken Sie hier für die Antwort Code of Federal Regulations:31 CFR Part 538 – Sudanese Sanctions Regulations31 CFR Part 560 – Iranian Transactions Regulations Statute: Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA), PL 106-387 Executive Orders and Additional Legal Information:Legal Information for the Iran Sanctions Program Legal Information for the Sudan Sanctions Program Federal Register Notices:74 FR 61030-09 – Änderungen des Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act von 2000 (“TSRA”)74 FR 46361-09 – Allgemeine Lizenz zur Genehmigung von TSRA-bezogenen Transaktionen unter Berücksichtigung der spezifizierten Gebiete sudanesischen Sudan72 FR 12980-07 – Klarstellung der Lizenzen für die Ausfuhr von Agrarrohstoffen, Arzneimitteln und Medizinprodukten66 FR 36683-01 – Ausfuhren von Agrarerzeugnissen, Arzneimittel, und Medizinprodukte nach Kuba, Sudan, Libyen und Iran Frage 5 : Ich besitze eine spezielle Lizenz pour vendre des biens agricoles , medicines or medical devices to Iran. The terms of the licence allow me to accept a letter of credit issued by a bank in Iran that has not been classified as Specially Designated National as part of any of the programs managed by OFAC. However, the license also states that a U.S. financial institution cannot advise, confirm or otherwise act in this credit. How do I know if/when a loan has been issued for my sale and how I am paid? My bank accounts are all in U.S. financial institutions. Click here to respond to TSRA reports: For two-year, quarterly reports on TSRA licensing activities, please visit the TSRA Congressional Reports page. Question 6: The U.S.

exporter has a specific one-year license issued by the U.S. Department of Finance, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), pursuant to the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA), to enter into contracts for the one-year export/re-export of medical devices and to ship these medical devices for the 12-month period from the date of contract signing (validity date). The medical device has a defective component or a broken component from the box during the term of the license. Can the U.S. exporter send a spare part under its current OFAC license as a transaction that is normally an incident and is necessary for the sale of the medical device as a whole? Click here for the context answer: The Trade Export Reform and Improvement Act dates back to 2000, Title IX of public law 106,387 (October 28, 2000) (the TSRA) provides that the President ends all unilateral agricultural sanctions or unilateral medical sanctions in force when the TSRA comes into force. TSRA has no intention of ending unilateral agricultural sanctions or unilateral medical sanctions that prohibit, limit or limit the supply or use of controlled agricultural products, drugs or medical devices on the U.S. ammunition list, or that are subject to conditions that are controlled on a checklist established by the Export Administration Act of 1979 or a subsequent law or that are used to facilitate the development or manufacture of chemical or biological weapons or weapons of mass destruction.