United Way Partnership Agreement

United Ways has been partnering with the National Football League and its teams for nearly 50 years and is the longest-running sporting and charitable collaboration in history. Through programs like Character Playbook, we help kids develop healthier minds and bodies. The long-standing AFL-CIO-United Way partnership brings together the care of more than 12.5 million working families and their local communities to make it a common vision in which everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Lilly and United Way have a strategic partnership to promote the impact of the community that is building its nearly 100-year history of improving life around the world. INDIANAPOLIS, IN – Yesterday, the leaders of Eli Lilly and Company, United Way Worldwide and United Way of Central Indiana signed a strategic partnership agreement that aims to promote positive and measurable social change in the areas of education, income, health and basic needs in communities. The agreement underscores Lilly`s commitment to being an increasingly strategic partner of United Way, focusing not only on the dollars raised, but also on the measurable effects of the Community in Central India, as well as throughout the nation and around the world. In 2019, we announced a new level of partnership between United Way and the key citizens of our region. Starting in February with Eversource and Blue Cross Blue Shield, these partnership agreements will be designed to leverage not only United Way`s strengths, but also the strengths of our business partners, to make a greater impact. In May, we announced Mintz, the longtime United Way champion, as the third company to register as a strategic cooperation partner and at the same time as a supporter of the United Way Venture Fund. The comprehensive agreement includes the following commitments: Comcast NBCUniversal and United Way are working with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to promote youth health and well-being, with a new partnership with the media and support for after-age programs. That`s why the AFL-CIO strongly supports and supports the Campaign united Way Workplace Campaigns and encourages you to consider a 2018 campaign for your Union.

Establishing and increasing community partnerships are essential for empowering working families and improving our communities. Together, we can now help those in real need, while working to rebuild our economy for all. This year, we were very excited to be part of a new type of partnership involving national organizations that help at the local level. This fall, we participated in the Pepsi Cause for Celebration series – for every touchdown from Kickoff until Thanksgiving, Pepsi gave 100 meals to the local United Way of this team. Fortunately for us, the New England Patriots continue to make us proud, scoring 35 touchdowns and 3,500 meals for local families. More recently, Starbucks and United Way have teamed up to find themselves homeless. As part of the #GiveTogether campaign in December, the Starbucks Foundation distributed all gifts to United Way for up to $200,000. Learn more about this program here. CenturyLink, in partnership with United Way, is committed to improving the well-being and quality of life of people in the communities in which they live and work. This is the year that our partnership with Salesforce to reinvent corporate philanthropy really took off. Businesses across the region are committed to enabling their employees to participate in business strategies, advocate for their own concerns and understand the impact of their donations on the community.